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Hov Pod

Here you can get some more details about the Hov Pod hovercraft. We understand that you probably will have even more questions after reading through this, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Hov Pod Dimensions

Length: 3,63 m (11.9 feet)
Width: 1,86 m (6.1 feet)
Height: 1,49 m (4.89 feet)

Fuel consumption

Crusing speed: 10 - 15 litre / hour
Fast speed: 15 - 20 litre / hour
Hov Pod HoverCraft from above

Hov Pod Models

Hov Pod SPX 65Three person leisure version with Rotax (582) 65 HP 2-stroke Engine
Hov Pod SPX 72Three person leisure version with Weber 72 HP 4-stroke Engine
Hov Pod SPX 120 TurboPatrol, Rescue or Commercial with Weber 120 HP Turbo 4-stroke Engine


The speed on water is up to 64 km/h (about 40-45 mph). The cruising speed is 35 km/h (20 mph).


A very important factor for hovercrafts is the buoyancy. To also allow still starts on water it is important that the max payload has not be exceeded. The max payload for water starts is 265 kg (584 pounds) to 375 kg+ (826 pounds). For land starts a significantly higher payload is possible.

Hovercrafts have a better buoyancy on land than on water since the water is pushed aside by the air pressure. Practical tests with the Hov Pod has showed a buoyancy on 280 kg (3 adults) on water without a problem, also under heavy wind.

The hovercraft's skirt

The Hov Pod engineers have put a lot of effort into making the skirt extremely durable and therefore it is not necessary to change the skirt as often as on other hovercrafts. The skirt consists of 65 separate segments made of reinforced Polyeurothane Nylon, 240 gsm. There is also an option to upgrade to thicker 375 gsm, mainly for commercial applications.


By placing the only motor in the back of the hovercraft the engineers have achieved a very light hovercraft. The back fan both lifts and makes it possible to control the hovercraft sideways. Another benefit with using just one motor is that it otherwise would have been placed in the very front of the hovercraft, which would dramatically have increased the noise for the driver.

The motor is a Rotax® 65 HP 582 Two Cylinder 2-Stroke Micro-lite Engine with dual electronic ignition system and twin carbs.

Hov Pod motor
There is an option to choose a Weber 4 stroke engine with 72 HP or 120 HP Turbo version. Motors have been proven in 1000s of hours use and tested in harsh saltwater conditions in Africa, Caribbean and Middle east.

Drive belt

The engineers have focused on making the Hov Pod hovercraft safe and reliable. A belt driven assembly is used which eliminates the need for a gearbox driven fan. A gearbox would have required the engine to be raised up to head height and would have made the craft harder to control due to decreased stability and increased roll characteristics.


  • The fuel tank is on 25 litre and possible to remove.

    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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