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Hov Pod

Very welcome to the Hov Pod HoverCraft website. The Hov Pod is the best hovercraft for private usage, tourism and commercial usage.

Here you can find more information about the world's best personal hovercraft: The Hov Pod! A big difference with the Hov Pod hovercraft, compared to other hovercrafts, is that the advanced technical construction and easy steering setup allows anyone drive it within 10 minutes of practice.

The Hov Pod HoverCrafts floats around on an air bed, created by the hovercraft's skirt, which makes it possible to go on all kind of surfaces, regardless if it is on water; on the sea, floods or if it's on sand, snow or ice.

The Hov Pod HoverCraft takes on the challenge to travel on snow without a problem!
The Hov Pod HoverCraft works excellent on snow too!

This makes the hovercraft to the superior vehicle. The hovercrafts are typically used by larger companies to transport goods or people, but with the Hov Pod it is now also possible for private persons and minor tourism companies to take advantage of these technical wonders and start using these machines.

If you live on the country side, near the water or just close to fields and farming lands that you do not want to damage; the HovPod hovercraft is here for you! The HoverCraft HovPod is the simple solution to most of the transport problems.

During the winter the HovPod can also travel over thin ice and lakes with open water without a problem. It's more safe and secure than driving a tractor or even a car on the thin ice or travelling by boat risking to run aground.

If you are interested in more detailed information, brochures, or price suggestion - please do not hesitate to contact us.

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